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Customer Service

How Can We Help You?


We want to make buying/renting your favourite backdrops and apple boxes fast and easy, and accept the following payment options:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Verve, American Express
  • Bank Transfer
  • USSD
  • PayPal



For purchase outside Lagos and Nigeria, Zen Members and guests can choose their preferred shipping option during checkout — we’ll provide an estimated delivery date for every item in your cart based on your shipping selection, the delivery address, and where the item(s) ship from.

Self Pickup

  • Free for all rental and purchase orders within Lagos. Just click “PICK UP” during checkout to see if the items in your cart are eligible for pickup.
  • If you order multiple items, you may get multiple deliveries. We’ll send you a shipping confirmation email for each shipment, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

  • Custom orders arrive in three to six weeks—standard and expedited shipping times do not apply.

  • For international shipping outside Nigeria, we’ll communicate delivery dates with you via email. We are currently working on an automated shipping processing.


Rental Returns. Please make effort to return rented backdrops within the day the return is due. Any delays will attract additional charges. Note that if you damage a rental backdrop, you will be liable to pay a fee amounting to NGN50,000.


Purchase Returns. If you have any reason to want to return your purchased backdrops and apple boxes, you may return any of your purchased products within the first 30 days after your receipt of that particular product, subject to the conditions described below. You may cancel an order any time prior to a shipping label being created. Refunds will be issued in the form of the original payment. If you purchased a product using an offer code or gift code, the value of any offer code will not be refunded or credited back if any or all of the merchandise is returned. Returns are not guaranteed. Please read the process described below.

Return Procedure. In order to offer fast returns items, you will cover the shipping fee, with the product intact. If there is any damage to the product, the product might not be eligible for return. Refunds will be issued in the form of the original payment. Refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of the completion of Zen Backdrops’ return process. This process may take several weeks to complete. Please follow the instructions below to return your Product.

  • If you want to return your purchase within the first 30 days after Zen Backdrops confirms complete delivery of your order (i.e., 30-day trial begins when Zen Backdrops’ shipping partners confirm delivery of an order, not when the order is unboxed), please e-mail Zen Backdrops at to arrange for either return shipping or a return pick-up. Zen Backdrops reserves the right to choose the method of return. Zen Backdrops will provide instructions on how to proceed. A return process must be initiated within 30 calendar days of receipt of the products in order to be eligible for returns. To successfully initiate the return process, must receive an email requesting a return by 11:59 PM WAT on the 30th day of the trial.

Return Conditions. The following conditions also apply to product returns:

  • Products must be in usable condition to be eligible for return (e.g., no stains, tears or other soiling including odours). Accepting returns is at the sole discretion of Zen Backdrops’ judgement of the state of the Products. Zen Backdrops reserves the right to refuse any returns. Zen Backdrops may request descriptions and images of the products to determine the state of the products prior to accepting returns. Failure to comply with requests by Zen Backdrops may result in Zen Backdrops’ refusal of return. Failure to complete the returns process within 1 week of being provided instructions from Zen Backdrops may result in Zen Backdrops’ refusal of return.

Cancellations. You may cancel an order anytime prior to a shipping label being created by contacting us at

For the best results and longevity of both rental and purchased backdrops, here are some tips on how to care for backdrops:

  • Avoid the use of staple pins or any sharp objects on your backdrops.
  • Before allowing anyone to step on your backdrop, make sure they clean the sole of their shoes to avoid stains.
  • Do not fold your backdrops. Instead, roll them onto carton rollers or PVC pipes.
  • After every use, remember to clean your backdrop with a soft brush; do not wash, spill water, or use a wet cloth on your backdrop.
  • Store your backdrops in a clean, dry, and well ventilated room.